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Hi! My name is Kim. I'm so blessed to be married to Bethany and have my sons, Micah, who is so full of life, and Luca, who is equally as full of energy and cuteness. I am most passionate about people being all God has intended them to be and being impacted by the gospel. I am so blessed to do life with what we now call the Life&Legacy Family.  We are on an exciting journey!  

I was brought up in a Christian family. My father's an ACC pastor. I was born in India but came here when I was six so have grown up in the southern suburbs of Brisbane. I love this place! Church has played a vital part in my life. I have been involved in most aspects of church ministry (from being music director to being the Chairman - setting up chairs) and as is God’s way, it's now time to step up to serve His church as pastor.  I have a background as a Mechanical engineer and am currently bi-vocational. 

I really think we ought to enjoy life more. After all, good things are given to us by our Father to enjoy! I love Friday nights with my family, I love good food and a great movie (at the same time), I love the people God has placed around me to plant this church, but most of all, I love the work God has done in my life.



Hi, I’m Bethany. If I had one word to sum up my life I would say family. I grew up in a lovely Christian family of ten children. We spent the bulk of our years at Gateway Baptist Church where I served in a wide range of ministries. In time I met Kim and we created a family of our own with our charming little chatterbox, Micah, and cheeky munchkin, Luca.  

My journey with church and ministry has taught me it’s not about what you do, how much you do, how public it is, or how many for, it’s about creating a family by serving one another, being there for each other, and doing your bit where you best fit. For me, that’s kids and music. 

I am passionate about creating a church experience which helps children feel comfortable, pumped and inspired to come back, and ultimately meet Jesus while partnering with parents as they support their children in their journey to faith. I also feel closest to God when I’m worshipping, dabbling on the keyboard, or fiddling away on my violin. So being able to help people connect and thrive in worship, meeting God, is definitely another passion for me. 

As Kim said, the good things in life are to be enjoyed … I love Spanish hot chocolates from San Churro, pretty lights, and adventures with my three boys. My favourites times - family times!

If you’re looking for family, join us! Church will always be your ultimate family!




Julian and Toa Layt

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Julian and Toa are passionate about young families, worship, and connecting people in authentic community. Together with their three children, Julian and Toa play a vital role in Life&Legacy Church. They love travelling overseas with their kids, enjoying food from different cultures, and serving the community. 


Ps Melvin and Jackie Anthony


Ps Melvin and Jackie are passionate about creating community, prayer, and teaching the bible. Between them they have decades of experience in pastoral ministry and counselling having been pastors for 30 years.  They enjoy travelling, time with family, and their grandchildren.