Life&Legacy Church is an exciting church that’s new to Hillcrest, Logan.  Our goal is to build a warm, vibrant and dynamic church where Jesus followers can worship wholeheartedly, the unchurched can find God, and everyone is transformed by the reality of the Gospel. Our church is about a group of people journeying together in authentic community, serving God together, and creating a place to belong. We love worship, love music, love food, love a chat, love the Word, and most of all, love Jesus.

OUR vision

Connecting people to Christ

Empowering people with purpose

Building family 

OUR Values 

Connecting – our primary goal is for people to be impacted by Jesus, His life, death, and resurrection. At Life&Legacy we want to connect people with Jesus so they can find genuine faith and salvation in Him. We also want to connect people into the family at Life&Legacy and help them make meaningful relationships as they journey in life and faith with Jesus. 

Empowering – we want to help people find their significance in life, find their place, find their niche where they can truly grow and contribute in their families, communities, and beyond, and ultimately leave a legacy. 

Family – at Life&Legacy our heart is to be a family, a place where people can find support and grow in relationship. Our church exists so we can support each other in living life and following Jesus. Authentic relationships are the foundation of our church. 



We are a bible-believing, Christ-centred, evangelical church. We are doctrinally aligned with the ACC:

Our worship is contemporary and expressive and our teaching bible-based. We hope to emulate the church community that the writers of the New Testament wrote about.